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Prince Edward Square

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But a stride from the cenotaph is this traditional starting point for local tour buses and a focus of Llandudno's traditional involvement with transport. It is from here that Llandudno's copper mine output was first transported to the world. The first visitors were rowed ashore at this point. Trippers came daily from Liverpool by steamer and were landed at the famous pier.  Today the local boatmen continue to offer half-hour trips round the Great Orme from the jetties.  To the traditional inshore boats have been added modern power-jet speed boats.


Alpine's vintage tour buses take a leisurely trip round the Marine Drive and their open top double deckers operate Guide Friday - Citytours to Conwy and Back via a circular route. From here their latest air-conditioned coaches take visitors to Snowdonia and all other parts of North Wales.

Alpine Guy

This veteran Guy tour bus is preserved by enthusiasts and still makes occasional trips round the Great Orme just as it did when it was bought new by Llandudno Urban District Council.

Punch and Judy

Photograph by Eileen Siven, July 2003

For a hundred and forty years Professor Codman (and his descendants) have delighted kids and their parents with this Punch and Judy show on this their traditional spot.

Whilst children build their castles in the sand, the Local Boatmen offer trips round the headland from the inshore jetty near the pier.

North Shore and the Pier

Photograph by Eileen Siven, July 2003

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Photographs © 2003 & 2006 Noel Walley
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