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Church Walks and the Great Orme Tramway


Turn left into Church Walks at the Empire Hotel and Trail Marker No. 11 is on the left just outside the Victoria Tramway Station.  Think not that the station was named in honour of the reigning Queen, the tramway was not built until after her death. Rather the station was built on the site of the Victoria Hotel that it replaced.

Victoria Station

Beyond the station is the Kings Head, Llandudno's oldest pub and the leading hotel until about 1850. It was in its parlour that in 1846 the deed was plotted - the creation of a seaside resort on the marginal wasteland and commons between the Ormesheads, as they were then known. The very steep Old Road (1 in 4) that the tramway follows for the first quarter mile serves a number of houses and yet it is hardly wide enough for the tram and there are no passing places.

Great Orme Tramway

The tramway is one of only three cable hauled street tramway systems surviving in the world. The others are in San Francisco and Lisbon. The writer's Great Orme Tramway web pages contain more information, a great many photographs, and a detailed history of this popular and world famous tramway.

Church Walks descends slowly from the Tramway Station to Saint George's Church, built in 1840 and closed in September 2002 when Holy Trinity Church was formally designated as Llandudno Parish Church. Saint George's is now seeking a user that will preserve its historic features.

St George's Church

One should consider continuing down Church Walks to the former National School opened on behalf of the Established Church in 1846 as St George's School and continued on this site until 1993 when a new Church-Aided School 'Ysgol San Siôr' opened in Abbey Road near the Loreto Convent and the Loreto Retreat and Conference Centre.

The Old National School

The old National School was completely restored in 2002/03 as a result of the efforts of the Llandudno Seaside Buildings Preservation Trust and significant grant aid.  It is now used for a wide variety of educational and community uses. 

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