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Saturday 5 May 2007 to Monday 7 May 2007

A Victorian lady and her maid walking tall in Mostyn Street

Photograph © Stephen Watson 2007

All the fun of the fair!
Photographs below by Stephen Watson © May 6th 2007

One of several fine fairground organs at the extravaganza

supporting cancer research

steam tractors in Mostyn Street

the well dressed Victorian couple

the traditional steam roundabout ......

...... and the modern equivalent.

More Photos:  All the Fun of the Fair 2007

The daily mid-day Parade
Photographs below by Noel Walley © May 5th 2007

...... and the brass band played

the original "chitty, chitty, bang, bang"

an early omnibus

"off with his head" does the queen of hearts mean the mad hatter?
She nearly achieved it!

Peter Henderson promoting cycling with his penny-farthing

a great showman's steam engine, one of many at the Extravaganza, immaculately turned out.

More Photos from:  The Saturday Parade 2007

The daily parade of participating vehicles (including many steam tractors and wagons),
brass bands, and carnival troops, and also visitors and citizens in Victorian or Edwardian costume.
 The parade travels through the town streets and via the promenade where it disperses.

"Royal" and "Imperial" patronage for the RNLI  Gift Stall on the Promenade

Photograph © Lyn Brown 2007

More Photos:  The Bank Holiday on the Promenade 2007

More Photos:  All the Fun of the Fair 2007

More Photos from:  The Saturday Parade 2007

The Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza is closely associated with a display of many types of veteran and vintage vehicles in the Festival of Transport held simultaneously at the showground site at Bodafon Farm Park near the Little Orme and a bus service provided by vintage buses and coaches operates between the Showground and Vaughan Street Llandudno. 

Photos of  Llandudno Transport Festival 2007

Other features are the evening ‘Road Runs’ when suitable vehicles on Saturday ascend the Great Orme to the Summit and on Sunday run the circuit of the Marine Drive.

The Photographers 2007

Noel Walley wishes to thank Stephen Watson, Lyn Brown and Alan Haydock
 for kindly supplying photographs of this year's Extravaganza and permitting their use on this website.

Llandudno Extravaganza & Festival of Transport

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