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THE PROCESSION - may 1st 2005

The Leading Band

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a regular visitor to the Extravaganza.

Dennis 16 seat char-à-banc

Visiting Town Criers in Procession

The first of the big showmen's engines immaculately turned out

One of the smaller type of showmen's engine

Little Audrey from Congleton in Cheshire

I do like a red engine

The Iron Maiden - another fine showmen's engine.

More Steam Engines in the 2005 Extravaganza

All the Fun of the Fair at the 2005 Extravaganza

Photos from Llandudno Extravaganza 2004

Photos from Llandudno Extravaganza 2003

Photos from Llandudno Extravaganza 2002

Llandudno - The Queen of Welsh Resorts

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