The Bridge

The Dee Bridge dates from the 14th Century and is of seven spans, the seventh span seen here was originally a draw bridge.  The bridge was widened in 1826.

River Dee

To the east of the bridge is the weir, increasing the depth of water upstream and originally serving first a mill and later a small hydro-electric power station. It also enables the river to be extensively used for both recreational and competitive boating. See my excursion 'The River at Chester'.

Bridge Gate

This is Bridge Gate at the end of the very narrow Dee Bridge on which traffic is controlled by lights. Beyond is Lower Bridge Street leading to Bridge Street and the Cross. The original medieval gates were replaced by bridges about 200 years ago and this allowed an almost uninterrupted walkway all round the city walls and also the absence of gates allowed free passage for road traffic at all times.

mult-storey carpark

Where old meets new. Seen here from the walls are a mid-Victorian black & white "The Fear of the Lord is the Fountain of Life" and a multi-storey car park. In the opposite direction from the same length of wall are the Roman Gardens created on the site of the Chester clay pipe factory where clay tobacco smoking pipes were made for about 200 years. These gardens house Roman stonework gathered from many places in the city.

Roman Hypocaust

Above in the Roman Garden is this reconstructed section of a high status Roman hypocaust.

New Gate

Close by is the New Gate built in 1938 over the dual carriageway city centre avoiding road.

Eastgate Clock

Soon we have come full circle and are back at the starting point. It took me 2¼ hours but a determined walker could do it in well under the hour. The Eastgate clock was erected to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

View from the clock

Views from the clock.

Eastgate Street west

From Eastgate go forth into the heart of the city. Explore Chester's unique 'Rows'. Visit Chester's excellent shops. Spend time in quiet reflection in Chester Cathedral and its cloisters.


Part 3 - The River at Chester

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