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Saturday 2 May - Monday 4 May 2009

The saturday parade (Part 2)

Photographs © 2009 by Noel Walley

The Army Cadet Force Drummers head the parade.....


.....Closely followed by Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang!

And then ..... here, from France, came the Wormhout Giants.

Flags of Wormhout, Fraance and Europe - Llandudno is twinned with Wormhout

Consort of the King of Giants

The Wormhout King of Giants with his attendants

Accompanied by a section of the Wormhout Town Band

Vintage Charabanc's with Honoured Guests

The Albion Charabanc built in 1912 and still running well.

Llandudno and Rhyl Bandsmen

Victorian Ladies of Quality promenading with Gentlemen escorting.

NEXT - Part 3 - the Saturday Parade Continues .....
with a band and wonderful Steam Engines

The Parade ends on the Hotel Lined Seafront Promenade

Before you go, please read below:

In the middle of photographing Saturday's parade an interesting pamphlet was given to me. It is a memorial sonnet recalling the sad loss at sea, off the coast of Anglesey, in 1859 of the "Royal Charter" a 2719 ton steel built steam clipper of 1851 en-route from Australia to Liverpool with about 371 passengers (but designed to carry 600 passengers) and 112 crew on board.

As I photographed her presence
in the Extravaganza Parade,
Miss Charlotte Peters Rock,
 a one woman crusade,
charmingly bore down upon me
and thrust into my sticky hand a sonnet grand
- recalling that great loss of yesteryear.

CLICK for full report on the Royal Charter

Compilation and photographs ©
2009 Noel Walley     Last updated May 2009

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