The Saints of North Wales

The church of Saint Cybi within the walls of the Roman Fort at Holyhead, Anglesey.

Ancient Saints of North Wales

The subjects of this website (which is continually being developed) are principally some of the more notable patron saints of ancient North Wales Parishes, and links will be provided to external biographical sites wherever possible. Saint David, the Patron Saint of Wales, whose Solemnity occurs on March 1st is quite properly popular throughout Wales and especially in the south (96 church dedications) but has 18 churches under his patronage even in the north and twice the number there of any other Welsh Saint.

Most popular are Saints Deiniol, Beuno and Garmon each with nine dedications. Deiniol was a monk under his father St. Dunawd the founding abbot of the monastery of 2,000 British monks at Bangor Iscoed (the details of this are sometimes disputed). In his turn Deiniol was the founder abbot of the monastery at Bangor Fawr and he is now the patron saint of Bangor Church in Wales Cathedral.

The name of Saint Beuno will always be associated with the former collegiate church at Clynnog Fawr on the pilgrim route to Bardsey. Among the local people of South Caernarfonshire, his cult survived the reformation and his intercession was frequently sought until at least 1770.

The identity of Saint German, Garmon or Harmon of Wales and the Isle of Man is by no means certain. What is certain is the important role of Saint Germanicus, Bishop of Auxerre in combatting the heresy of Pelagius within the British Church.

Ynys Môn, the Island of Anglesey, has 74 ancient parishes, many with ancient dedications to local saints and there is an excellent website dedicated to their study at:  Anglesey Churches.  

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